Online Learning Platform

used by: Advisors and Planners working with Families of Special Needs.

purpose of the system

A way to create, deliver & help special needs clients.


Successful Advisors and Planners now must have a knowledge based system to educate and inform clients.


Build On-Line Courses, Videos and WorkShops to integrate into Goal Plans and Tasks keeping users on track.


Collaboration; all groups must be on the same page! The system structures a pathway to keep all parties in unison.

Fact Finding

Catalog client’s financial affairs and determine government programs that the individual may qualify for.


In today’s rapid pace clients need accommodations to bolster engagement using a Mobile Ready platform.


System acts as the team leader when developing a LIFE PLAN to find the appropriate programs and benefits.

Key Features

Unlimited customers, users and admin roles; Branded portal with company roles and private labeling for planners, advisors, educators and teachers to connect with clients and users. Read More

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